iFile Cydia App Download and Cydia Apps

iFile Cydia: iFile is like a snake oil.If you want to know the software structure of iDevices,iFlie is the suitable apps for it; you can install ifile from one of the cydia sources Cydia ake sure your iDevice already have cydia otherwise you should install ifile after jailbreaking your iDevice.

By this iFile Cydia can view the root of iOS and it allows to make any of changes. It functions like as file manager on PC.

  • List of works carry out by iFile
  • Create New Directory.
  • Upload files in any format without any interruption.
  • Can open unsupported file format which is in Japanese or any other languages.
  • Play Music and Video in Background.
  • Can do Rename,Delete,Move,Edit ,etc.. files .

In my experience , I and my friend play Paper Toss game apps on the same iPhone, One day his score is so higher than my one, I couldn’t believe it, I know he hasn’t been enough time for playing games in his home, so how is happened?

However I try best to go over his score, I couldn’t beat that score then I got he made tricks otherwise he can’t do it. After some day he told that tricks, he used iFile and edit his score.

I say anything can do by iFile in iDevices which are downloaded from cydia sources.

Cydia Apps

In my experience, the cydia apps are given an extra power of iOS iDevices and users. Everybody has known that how to create a cydia name and cydia apps will help to open to show root to the top of iOS iDevices which are hidden by apple company, but it is a legal. But apple iOS iDevices love Cydia apps, and they don’t allow to directly install cydia apps they only allow from apps store apps, why its happen?

If you want to install cydia apps and add more influences, you have to do following steps

  • Identify the iOS version of you iDevice.
  • You have to hack iDevice, How is it do?
  • Search by best jailbreak tool for you relevant iOS version and iDevice.(Eg. evasi0n,redsn0w,sn0wbrzee etc..)
  • Chose one of best jailbreak tool (evasi0n is a best of these days) and downloaded it on your PC.
  • If you want to more instruction about jailbreaking iOS iDevice.

What is the Jailbreak tool and what is the connection between jailbreak tool and Cydia apps?

I already told iDevises only to allow apps store apps if you want to include more apps of your worth iDevice which are not in the apps store. So this process called jailbreak, after finishing jailbreak cydia apps icon automatically appear on the last screen of your iDevice.

cydia apps The cydia icon display numbers which show you can allow downloading new cydia apps it’s like a mail box show how much unread mails in the mail box (see this picture the mail shows 13 unread new mails)

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