How to Completely Remove Cydia from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

In the recent years, the concept of jailbreaking your device has become common and popular among Apple users. Apple devices do not give away every possible function with its default settings, for this purpose, its users prefer to jailbreak their device for the betterment. The popularity of jailbreaking has increased to such extent that people instantly go on to complete the process of jailbreaking right after buying the device. Absence or failure in jailbreaking their iOS version, eagerness grows in them related to it. They wait for any such development in their particular iOS version.  This eagerness is not a singular feeling, but it is actually shared by Cydia, an important part of jailbreaking.

Cydia was introduced to public in 2008 February by Jay Freeman who is famous by his name of ‘Saurik’. Cydia had been really helpful in providing jailbreak tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices in any version of iOS. Cydia’s care has been taken very well by ‘Saurik’ himself. As taking care of the community, it has been updated regularly.

 What is the need of removing Cydia from your device?

remove cydia from your device

  •  Most of the times Cydia is installed out of the ‘curiosity’ to find out what it is and what functions it perform. Most of such users want to delete Cydia as soon as they are done exploring it.
  • Another reason why Cydia is installed is that the concept of ‘Cydia’ is surrounded by many myths. Many people think that after installing their device’s warranty is finished. It is not the case because the device can be restored to the stock iOS and warranty will continue. Because of the mentioned reasons, there is a need of removing Cydia from your device.

 How to uninstall Cydia from your iOS device?

We are providing you with some methods to get rid off ‘Cydia’ from your iOS device whether iPhone or iPad or iPod.

Method #1: Uninstall Cydia App icon

Step #1: Go to the Cydia app on your Home screen but do not open it.

Step #2: Now tap and hold the Cydia icon. Do not release until it starts wigling.

Step #3: Now tap on the ‘X’ button on the wiggling app icon.

Step #4: To remove the app from your device permanently, select the option of ‘delete’.

Note: This process will only remove ‘Cydia’ and not revert the process of Jailbreak.

Method #2: Use Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor can be used for removing ‘Cydia’ from your device. About Cydia Impactor, it is a very popular tweak which removes the Jailbreak as well as remove Cydia from your device. It restores your device to default without using iTunes. This method does not upgrade or downgrade your firmware , it simply removes all instances of cydia and the jailbreak that was done on your device.

Method #3: Restore using iTunes

Best method to remove Cydia and revert the process of Jailbreak and get your iPhone or other device back to iOS stock is by restoring using the iTunes. This deletes Cydia and removes the jailbreak. It also updates your iOS device to the latest stock iOS firmware if it is  available. Hope this information and methods solve all your queries.

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