Download & Install Cydia iOS 7 – Installation Guide

Talking about Cydia, it is one of the best apps among iPhone users that let them customize their iOS devices to whole new level. Cydia is now a day’s quite popular among iOS users for using this iOS app user can do plenty of such things that otherwise was not possible. Like downloading of new themes, tweaks and various kinds of apps, they all come with Cydia that makes it a useful app to work with. If you want to get your iPhone customized, then Cydia iOS 7 installer is the best way you can download for your iOS 7 devices. You might know that iOS 13 is the latest version available, but many of you undoubtedly might not have upgraded it till now. So if you are still iOS 7 users then here is the get the complete guide on how to get Cydia iOS 7.

Apps available on iOS 7 after jailbreaking-

Although jailbreaking is not considered that safe but jailbreaking has changed a lot over the years. Whether it is to customize the look of your iOS devices or fix any annoyances or to add some features jailbreaking has made it all possible. A lot of apps can be installed using Cydia iOS 7. Here I am mentioning a few.

  • Activator- It is the app that is easiest to use. With a just single button, you can customize your phone in all new way and gives you multi-touch functionality on your iOS. With this app, you can trigger the touch button and allows you to set the custom gesture on your iOS devices.
  • Battery Safe- This app is one of the smartest apps that you get by jailbreaking on iOS 7. When your iOS device runs out of battery, this app automatically turns on the battery saver mode.
  • Bio lockdown- To restrict your settings and use touch id to lock all your apps this one is the perfect match for you. With the just fingertip, you can close and open your apps.
  • Beta font app- Using this app you can change the font of the iOS devices.  After installing you can customize the fonts of your lock screen or home screen in whichever you want.
  • CCControls- When you first jailbreak your device you will want to have control center for your iOS 7 devices. There are ample of such themes and tweaks that allow you to have control center for your iOS.
  • iCleaner Pro- With this app you can quickly scan your iOS device for viruses and malware. Delete all useless messages, attachments, and files with just one click away.
  • iFile- A jailbroken app which acts as the management app for iOS 7 device and is a file browsing app. It’s nice to have this app around you for you can copy, paste, move and edit all your files.
  • Switch spring- Want to quit all apps at once then this is the best app you can use. Using this app, you can switch over all your apps at once only.

Methods to download Cydia iOS 7

Cydia looks like such a useful app so one would want to download to iOS devices. The simplified method to download and install Cydia to iOS devices is through Safari without connecting it to your PC. Else one can also get Cydia app for iOS devices by jailbreaking process. Tools like Pangu, Taig, and Yalu are used to jailbreak the iOS devices. You can install the app on all the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, by following the below-given steps.

Method 1: Download Cydia iOS 7 using Safari

This process directly downloads the Cydia app icon to the home screen of your iOS devices.

Step 1: First make sure that your iOS device has the latest version of iOS 7.

Step 2: Now open the Safari, preinstalled on the iOS device.

Safari Browser

Step 3: Open the website and in the URL box type Tap on it to open the web page.

Cydia iOS 7 official site

Step 4: A new window will open from there you can choose the “add to home screen” option.

Download Cydia for iOS 7

Step 5: After tapping on this option the Cydia app icon will appear on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Cydia app Icon

Step 6: Rename the downloaded app as Cydia.

Rename Cydia App

Step 7: Tap on the Cydia icon to launch it.

Launch Cydia iOS 7

Now you are all ready to use the Cydia app to customize your iOS devices with just one click.

Method 2: Download Cydia iOS 7 Using jailbreak tool- Pangu

Pangu is one of the most used jailbreak tools for jailbreaking your iOS 7 devices. All you need to do is follow the simple steps given below that will let you gets Cydia app installed on your iOS 7 devices by jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: To start, launch the iTunes app and simultaneously connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 2: Now close the iTunes only after when you have a backup of all the installed apps on your iOS device.   

Step 3: now you need to download the Pangu 9 jailbreak tool for jailbreaking your iOS device. This Pangu 9 jailbreak tool is available for both Windows and Mac.

Step 4: The Windows users need to right click on this Pangu 9 jailbreak tool and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

Step 5: The jailbreak tool within few minutes will identify your iOS device and then click on the Start option.

Step 6: The moment the jailbreak process gets completed the Cydia icon will appear on the home screen of your iOS device.

Step 7: Click on the icon of Cydia app to begin the configuration process.

Step 8: Now you can finally start the downloading of Cydia app.

Apart from this, there is another jailbreaking tool PPHelper that let you download the complete version of Cydia app to your iOS devices.

So this was the complete guide to customize your iOS 7 devices and get access to all these apps with just one this app. Get Cydia on your iOS 7 device and enjoy iPhone or iPad the way it wants.

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