Download & Install Cydia iOS 10 – Installation Guide

The iOS users have been jailbreaking their devices so that they can modify their phones with the various apps, themes, and tweaks available in the market. People all over the world are giving their phones an all-new look with the help of new themes and tweaks. But since iPhone users are under the imposed restrictions from the Company, they are dependent on the pseudo-app store like Cydia. Cydia iOS 10 is an alternative tool used by the iOS users to download and install the third party apps. With iOS frequently updated, apps like Cydia are also required to be updated. Also, jailbreak tools like Pangu, Yalu or Evasion are also needed to be updated to be able to be downloaded in the updated iOS versions. From iOS 7 to 8, 9 and the latest version of iOS 10.3.2 are being used by people, and so the method of downloading Cydia in different iOS devices also change. So here is a complete description of how you can download Cydia for iOS 10.

How to Download Cydia iOS 10?

You can download Cydia easily for iOS 10 version even though it is new. We have given a step-to-step guide to the three methods which you can use to download and install Cydia on iOS 10. You can go with any of the three methods according to your suitability.    

Method I- Using Safari Browser   

If you are traveling and want to download Cydia to get hold of some of the favorite entertainment apps, then this process of using the Safari browser will come handy. In this method, there is no need of computer or laptop connection. So let us go through it step by step.

Step 1: Before you go on and read this guide on how to download and install Cydia on iOS 10 devices, make sure that you have updated pour device o this version.

Step 2: Now click open the Safari browser on our device.

 Safari browser

Step 3:  Type the given URL in the address box to download Cydia iOS 10 URL

Step 4: Now as the web page will open, you will observe a UP arrow at the center bottom of the screen. Click on the UP arrow.


Step 5: In the next screen that opens, click on the Add to Home Screen option.

Add Cydia to Home Screen

Step 6: Now to get the Cydia app on your Home Screen, you must rename the app to Cydia and the click on the Add button.

get the Cydia app on your Home Screen


Step 7: With this step, the Cydia app gets installed on your Home Screen, and now you can enjoy the many apps that it offers.

Install Cydia APP

Also, one should keep opening the Cydia Cydia iOS 10 app and look for the new apps that are added now and then to remain updated.

Method II- Using Yalu Jailbreak

We all know that jailbreaking our devices is not safe and the hacker, Todesco also confirmed Todescoit. He even warned the iOS users that though jailbreaking is the only option to get the apps from Cydia, but we cannot ignore the fact that jailbreaking tools are in beta and can be the reason of some instabilities. Yalu jailbreak tool is a semi-untethered option which means that every time you reboot your device, you will have to jailbreak it. Also for doing so, you will have to sideload the Yalu jailbreak tool through Cydia Impactor. So let us understand how we can side load Yalu through Cydia Impactor and in turn download and install Cydia iOS 10 on your device.

Step 1: Firstly Download the Yalu jailbreak .ipa file from the given link.

Step 2: Next, download the Cydia Impactor. You can download it either from its official website or by navigating to the following link.

Step 3: Now back up all your data and apps through iTunes. Also, make sure that you are using the updated version of the app only.

Back Up Data via Itunes

Step 4: Next you will have to disable the Find my iPhone or iPad from the Settings of the device. To complete this step, follow the given route

Settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone/ iPad

Settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone/ iPad

Step 5: Also disable the Touch Id and Passcode of your device. Follow the given route

Settings> Touch Id and Passcode

Step 6: Now connect your PC or laptop to your device and open the Cydia Impactor app.

Step 7: Now in the open window of Cydia Impactor you need to drop the .ipa file for Yalu jailbreak tool.

Open Cydia Impactor

Step 8: Enter your Apple Id Username and Password.

Step 9: Now wait for a few seconds as Yalu jailbreak tool will be side loaded via Cydia Impactor.

Step 10: Next you need to finish the trust the profile process for the Yalu app. You can follow the given route.  

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management.

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management.

Step 11: Lastly you will have to launch the “mach_portal” jailbreak present on your Home Screen. In about 10-15 seconds the process will complete, and your device will respring.

launch the “mach_portal"

As it happens, your iOS 10 device gets jailbroken successfully, and you can see the Cydia app icon on your Home screen.

Method III- Without Jailbreaking the Device

It is the last method of downloading and installing the Cydia app iOS 10. Now as the heading reads, you all might be interested to know how one can enjoy the apps and tweaks of Cydia without jailbreaking our device. So let us have a look at this process also.

Step 1: Firstly Download the FlekStore app for iOS from the given link or its official website.

Step 2: Now open the app. You will find three dots in a vertical line at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it.

Step 3: Out of all the options displayed, click on the Tweaks option.

Tweaks option.

Step 4: A list of apps will be displayed. Now look out for the Cydia app and click on it.

Cydia app

Step 5: you will be redirected to the official website of the Cydia iOS 10 app. Click on the “Install” option. Also before you start the installation process, make sure that the developer of the app is Saurik.

Install Cydia

Step 6: Next the Install Profile page will be opened. Again click on the Install option. In this step also you need to make sure that your device gets verified whether iPhone, iPad or iPod. If verified, then go ahead with the installation process.

Install Cydia

Step 7: Next a warning window will be displayed. Click on the “Install Now” option to finally begin the process.

Install Now Cydia Ios 10

Soon after a few seconds, you will be able to observe the Cydia icon on your Home Screen. You can open the app and fill in your details to sign up. Now you are free to download and install your desired apps for free on your iOS 10 device.

The iOS 10 is the latest iOS version, and with passing time it is expected to be updated soon. But for now, no matter what iOS version is available on the market, their jailbreaking method is completely ready. Also due to its semi-untethered status, you have the power to remove it through Cydia Impactor or uninstall it directly by rebooting it. These are the best methods that you can use to download Cydia iOS 10 with or without a computer. Also, the status of jailbreaking the device in the above three methods also differs giving you the opportunity to choose according to what suits you. All the iOS users have got this fantastic app in mind all the time as it allows them to enjoy the movie, music and gaming apps for free. 

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