Download iCleaner For iOS 9/10/11 iPhone iPad

iCleaner For iOS Cydia: iCleaner is the most useful and the amazing software for the iPhone users it has got many interesting features which will help you to scan and clean your device. It scans your device and cleans all the unnecessary and unneeded files from your device. This app can be used for the cleaner of outgoing calls and missed calls by which its clears your device hard disk and makes full free space. It also scans your device and removes all the messages attachments and deletes app caches and unneeded files.

Removes unneeded keywords and controls voice languages. This is the just some functions of this app it has more interesting functions which makes your app to run at super also shows your battery information to you like battery level and charging, fully charged. iCleaner For iOS 9.3.3 9.3 9.2 Cydia Tweak can be installed on your device easily. If you aren’t known about this process, then go with below guide to install iCleaner Pro on iPhone iPad Cydia.

Download iCleaner For iOS


iCleaner has got many interesting features which make the users run their device at super speed by scanning and cleaning the unneeded files. Let’s see some of its interesting features here.

iCleaner For iOS

  • It gives you device information like shows your device name, device model, OS version
  • Supports internet connection, ISPM external IP, dsn SEVER 2
  • Gives your Wi-Fi information and shows the connection status and SSID
  • You can also see your space like how much space is free, used, and active
  • Shows you the battery information like battery level, fully charged and charging
  • Removes unused dependencies and downloaded IOS updates files
  • Removes messages attachments and cleans safari browsing data, cache, cookies and many more

Download iCleaner For iOS 9/10/11 Install Cydia Tweak:

iCleaner Pro is a very useful application for an iPhone iPad which has just gone through Jailbreaking process. The below guide is detailed with every step to add the iCleaner Pro For iOS on Cydia and bring a great interface to enjoy the iPhone and iPad.

iCleaner For iOS

  • The first step you are required to do is to connect your iDevice Wi-Fi
  • Now Launch the Safari Brower to visit the in URL bar section
  • Sect the search option and which then will land you to in IBSoft page
  • Here you must Tap on Stable Repo and popup install the Sources will be shown
  • Now Tap on Open with Cydia option and later Yes to Install the Sources
  • In few seconds sources will be added to list and will be shown in Cydia
  • Select the Ivano Bilenchi’s Repo and tap on All Packages section to add
  • Now again tap on Install button by selecting iCleaner Pro and then Confirm to start installation

iCleaner Pro will be ready to use your iPhone and iPad

I hope you have successfully gone through this installing process and now your iPhone iPad Cydia is ready to use iCleaner App. If you have any queries in this Article to Install iCleaner For iOS, then let me know in below comment section.

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