Download Cydia for Android – Full Installation Guide

The terms iOS jailbreaking and Cydia might sound familiar to the Apple users. But for some time these terms were also new and mind-baffling for them. And they too got to know about Cydia and its applications after they had jailbreak their devices and thus had to rely on this new application called Cydia. It is understandable that the iOS users needed something like Cydia because of its system that doesn’t let any third party apps to be installed on the phone. Also, installation through APK files is complicated in the case of iPhones, iPad and on Mac. And so now the question arises that is Cydia useful for Android devices. Can Android users work with this amazing App store and enjoy the various applications that it offers. Here is a guide to everything that you should know about Cydia for Android. So for all those who still confused about the new app store in the market, Cydia and how it works for Android,

What is Cydia? Who Created It?

Cydia is a synonym to the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store of Android smartphones. You can treat Cydia just like an application store which offers all kinds of apps for your device. You can download and install it easily from it. While in the App Store you will find the apps that have been approved by the Apple to be listed, the Cydia App store provides you with apps, features, tweaks, and settings that are not allowed by Apple and wouldn’t even be allowed to be listed in the App Store.

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You might feel that since Apple doesn’t allow, these apps might be dangerous for your device. But it is not true. Cydia offers cool features that transform your phone into new design, theme, and icons. One can even call Cydia as Google. For the users who can’t install apps which are not found in App Store, they can download the amazing apps and tweaks from Cydia. So all the jailbreakers out there, Cydia is your new Google now.

If you are using iPhone for a very long time then you know why you should use Cydia.

Cydia for Android was created by Jay Freeman, an American software engineer, and businessman. He is known for bringing a relief to the life of the iOS users by setting up the modified version of iOS of Apple in the form of Cydia and its related software application to install and customize software that is not approved by the App store system and is outside the imposed regulations by it.

Why Cydia App Store for Android?

Android is much more lenient in the case of downloading and installing the third party apps on the Android smartphones. Unlike Apple, Android which is created by Google allows it, users, to install an app from sources other than the Google Play Store quickly. Google doesn’t impose any restrictions on the Android users to download and install applications from another source. Then what is the need of Cydia for Android?   

The role of Cydia for Android is quite different from what it offers to iOS. Since we all know that one can easily download and install the third party apps on Android devices, Cydia is not required mostly by them. And so the purpose of Cydia on Android is fulfilled by Cydia Substrate. Another new term for you? Don’t worry let’s know a little about Cydia Substrate as well before we reach the answer of how we can download and install Cydia on Android Devices.      

What is Cydia Substrate?

Cydia Substrate is a platform that allows you to customize a software whose source is not known. It won’t do anything that interesting but just supports the apps that are already installed on your device or the other products that you might install shortly. Also, it can modify the programs that were already installed on your device or were installed by you. So don’t worry about the source which has developed the app as Cydia Substrate is known for easy customization of the software whose source code is not known.

Also one of the main highlights of Cydia and Cydia Substrate is that it allows you to download and install the cracked apps. Cracked apps are the paid apps or the premium apps that on Google Play Store. You can enjoy these apps with the help of Cydia without paying a single dime.

How to Download Cydia for Android Smartphones

One can download and install the Cydia for Android by two methods. They can either download it from the Google Play Store or can also download the APK file and install it. But before you download Cydia from Google Pay Store, make sure that your device is rooted. Also, it is necessary that you complete a total backup on your phone. Though if your Android phone is new, then there is no need for this step. So let’s have a look at the steps required to download Cydia for Android devices.

Using Google Play Store

Step 1: Execute a complete backup on your smartphone.

Step 2: Root your Android device. This can be done in many ways. Well, technically you should go with universal rooting method as it is the fastest and easiest way through which you can root a device.

Apart from this app like Framaroot is recommended to root the Android 4.0 or above devices. While GingerBreak and SuperOneClick are considered for Android 2.3 or 3.x devices.   

Step 3: Now search the Cydia Substrate platform in Google Play Store.

Step 4:  Tap on the first option displayed in the list and click on Install. Then click on “Allow this application to access your root” option when a warning message is prompted.

Cydia for Android

Step 5: Cydia Substrate will be installed within minutes. But if the installation fails and the process stops in between then, you can try to download and install Cydia Substrate via the APK file.

Using Cydia Substrate APK File

You can use this method even for on your Mac apart from Android smartphones.

Step 1: Open browser on your PC or Mac, and search for “Cydia Substrate APK file download” or “Cydia Android APK”. Rather, download from the link-     

Step 2: Now open the download folder and open the downloaded Cydia APK file to install the application.

Step 3: The Cydia App will be installed in a few minutes, and now you can enjoy the different apps found within your newly installed Cydia application store.

Now that you have got Cydia on your phone go ahead and search WinterBoard, a very popular app from Cydia. Yes, you read that right, now you can use WinterBoard that were hunting from so long and customize your device as you like.  

Cydia is kind of advantage that the Android users have got in addition to Google Play Store. Though there is no kind of restrictions with Android users to download and install the third party apps, Cydia allows then to enjoy the premium and paid apps as well. But at the same time, Cydia is new for Android and is in its early stage. Therefore you might get some bugs. But just be patient and try to reinstall Cydia. After Apple users, it’s time for the Android users to enjoy this fantastic application by SaurikIT.      

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