Cydia Download and Install for iOS

People who flaunt their iPhone products know deep down that they do not have the same freedom as enjoyed the Android users when it comes to downloading and installing new apps. While Android users have the option of installing third party apps in the form of APK files, the iPhone and iPad users cannot do so.  The App Store of Apple have strict restrictions imposed on its users and doesn’t allow any such kind of activity. And so in this distress condition, Cydia download has proved to be a ray of hope for all iOS users. Cydia is not a new name for the people who are always looking out for ways to enjoy the new apps being launched in the market and not supported by the App Store. But for those who have just begun their search for applications like Cydia, here is a detailed insight into what Cydia is and how it works for iOS users.

What is Cydia?

For all the iOS users, this application software is working wonders. It allows its users to customize their phone and modify it with new apps, tweaks, and fantastic themes. It’s just like another application store that manages the new jailbreak apps and tweaks that have been downloaded. Cydia has helped the iOS users to overcome one of the remarking disadvantages of not being able to download third party apps. But Cydia gets functional only with complete jailbreak or with semi-jailbreak.

Cydia Download and Install on iOS?

One can download and install Cydia on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through following three methods. In the first method, you use the Safari browser on your device and doesn’t require to sign in with your Apple Id. While the second approach involves the use of jailbreak tools like Pangu, Taig or Yalu. These are some standard jailbreak tools available online. And the last method helps you to download Cydia for iOS versions that are un-jailbroken.

I- Cydia Download Using Safari Browser

Step 1: Open Safari browser on your phone and enter the URL-

Safari Browser iOS

Step 2: Wait till the complete web page opens and then locate the UP arrow. In the case of iPhone, you will get it at the center bottom of the screen while in the case of iPad the arrow will be present at the top right position of the screen.

Cydia Download Website

Step 3: Wait until the Save options are displayed on our screen then select the Add to Home Screen option.

Add Cydia Download to home screen

Step 4: Next you will have to give a new name to the app, and so you can type Cydia in the box that will be provided. And then click on Add option displayed on the top right position of the screen.

Cydia Download & Install

Step 5: Wait till the process finishes.

Step 6: Close the browser, and you can find the Cydia app icon on any one of your iPhone home screens or the home screen of your iPad.

Cydia has been installed

Method II- Using Jailbreak Tool

A jailbreak tool is required to download and install Cydia if you are not using the Safari browser method.  The type of jailbreak tools you are using differs with different versions of iOS and different device models. So it becomes critical too, that you select the right jailbreak tool for your device. But the process to install Cydia is same no matter which jailbreak tool you are using.

Step 1: Download a suitable jailbreak tool on your PC.

Step 2: Now backup your device with iTunes.

Step 3: Next with the help of a USB cable connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC.

Step 4: Make sure to disable all the lock codes and passcodes of your device.

Step 5: Now run the downloaded jailbreak tool so that it install Cydia by itself.

Step 6: Now you can enjoy unlimited tweaks and apps on Cydia.

Here are a few jailbreak tools for different versions of iOS.

Evasion Jailbreak Tool

The Evasion Jailbreak tool is compatible with the iOS 7 along with Mac and PC. For installing Cydia, you first need to download the evasion Jailbreak tool. Install Evasion and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Taig Jailbreak Tool

The Taig jailbreak tool, a Mac compatible version works best with iOS 7, 8 and 9. The Taig jailbreak tool provides all the devices that are supported by it an untethered jailbreak. You can download it on both Windows and Mac and follow the instructions to install Cydia on your device as mentioned above.

Yalu Jailbreak Tool

Yalu has been the only jailbreak tool for iOS 10 version. The Yalu jailbreak tool supports the 10.3.1 iOS version of Cydia, but before you try it, you must know some important things regarding Yalu. It is semi-untethered and so every time you reboot your iPhone or iPad, you will have to reinstall Cydia. Also unlike other jailbreak tools, it cannot be downloaded directly. Rather it needs to be side loaded with the help of Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor requires your valid Apple Id and password, so if you are willing to provide it, you can use Yalu. Otherwise, you can also setup a dummy account for login. Lastly, Yalu is compatible with the only device of 64 bit.

Check out the different criteria of jailbreak tools and download the one which meets your device’s specifications.

Method III- Using CydiaPro

CydiaPro is the app that you all were waiting for to download Cydia quickly and without the use of PC. CydiaPro is one of the easiest ways to download Cydia and enjoy the amazing apps and tweaks in the iOS versions that are un-jailbroken. With its user-friendly interface, it prevents all sort of mess and downloads Cydia on an iOS version from 10.3.2 and lower.

Features of CydiaPro

  • It downloads Cydia directly. There is no need of PC.
  • Now Cydia download & installation is just one click away.
  • CydiaPro is the quickest and super fast method to download Cydia.
  • Its wide range of compatibility with all models of iPhone, iPads and iPods and every version of iOS.
  • It also allows you to upgrade CydiaPro after you like its features.

How to Download Cydia Using CydiaPro

Step 1: Open your Safari browser for Cydia download and visit the official website of CydiaPro.

Step 2: Now click on the ” Cydia Download ”  or “Cydia Install Now” option.

Step 3: CydiaPro automatically checks running your iOS version and installs the proper version of Cydia according to the iOS version.

Step 4: The installation process will be completed after 30-40 seconds after which you will be able to see the icon of Cydia on your Home screen.

Step 5: The process is complete. So now you can enjoy the unique and unlimited apps, themes and tweaks on Cydia.

With the help of these three methods, you can easily download Cydia on your iPhone or iPads. While the Safari browser method and the CydiPro method is compatible with almost all iOS versions, the second method requires you to be a little alert so that you choose the appropriate jailbreak tool for your device. Cydia is a fantastic platform which gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy apps, tweaks, and themes that are not available in the App store. So go ahead and download Cydia now.

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