Clash of Clans: The Only Thing You Need to Know

Clash of the Clans is considered to be one of the most downloaded and most highly rated iOS games. This extremely popular game has stolen away hours of our days and can be quietly called as a highly addictive game. Clash of Clans is available on the App Store and Android Play Store for free. It consists of building villages, defense, and army. It can be done by collecting elixir and gold from winning wars. Now, although it is a free game, there is Clash of Clans gems which are available via in-app purchases which can be used to buy more elixir, gold, and many more things. They cost quite a lot, and although many people happily spend it in buying clash of clans gems, many players want a free clash of clans gems which they cannot afford to buy.

Clash of clans

Just like you searched on Google for free gems for clash of clans, millions of others are doing the same. You will find that there are hundreds of thousands of websites out there who claim to offer a clash of clans cheats and free coc gems by connecting your Apple ID and Game Centre ID in their website. Everyone wants to sell their clash of clans hack by giving you clash of clans Cydia hack, a clash of clans cheats, methods like a clash of clans Cydia tweaks, and many offer clash of clans hack without survey. We want to tell you something that will open up your eyes, and you will never fall prey to these scams and money laundering monkeys. Clash of Clans is a game that runs on live cloud servers. Which means, the files of Clash of Clans game are always stored on an App Engine in Cloud. They are not locally saved. Whenever you make changes to a modified clash of clans apk file or iOS app with iFile, it will revert to original files when you open the app.

So when anyone in Google says that they will help you hack clash of clans and get you more gems by showing your images of increased gems, the truth is, they are fake.

You can make changes to the file by entering some gems you want. It will look like you got free gems for clash of clans, but it’s not. You will realize that the gems will come back to its original count.

There is NO Clash of Clans gem hack and whoever claims it on their website are simply fraud, fake and scammers. Do not believe them no matter how many images they show you. If you find someone saying they work, on a forum or something, it’s their PR and adverts.

We have extensively checked and researched on the servers they use, the security protocols under the hood and we can confirm that none of the Clash of Clans hacks in any of the search results will work.

We recommend you not to download any clash of clans hack software which will ask you to enter your Apple ID, password and number of gems you want, etc. They are just a gimmick, and nothing will ever work except that the scammers will get your Apple ID access.

Hardly anyone will tell you this because there is huge money going around this COC gem hacks. But fret not, we have got you covered.

Ball is in your Court

Concluding, we would like to say that those who want to hack clash of clans and get free gems for clash of clans, we are sorry to disappoint you. And we were disappointed, because hey, who doesn’t want to build that awesome looking firepower defence for our village?

We strongly suggest you avoid these software baits and play with your own earned gems. Share this article with your Clash of Clans friends and community and let them stay away from the scams that are going around with Clash of Clans gems and hacks.

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