Best Free Cydia Wallpaper Apps

Having a phone makes your life colorful. People who are vibrant like to have colorful phones, and for this, they ensure that they have the best possible wallpapers on their iPhones. Using different kinds of wallpapers is the best way to customize as well as personalize your phone. You can change the entire look of your phone just by adding wallpaper to the back screen of your phone, and you can also use some good Cydia wallpaper apps to download free wallpaper for your iphone iPad.

This will cheer up your mood whenever you use your phone even in the worst possible mood swings. When it comes to having a new wallpaper on the home screen of the phone, everyone has his distinct choice. Girls mostly like colorful and vibrant wallpapers, and they mostly use the wallpaper of the image of their favorite actor or actress. On the other hand, boys always look forward to having a wallpaper of a sports man on their phone.

Best Free Cydia Wallpaper Apps

However, the only issue is the source from where they can have access to the variety of wallpapers that would be just according to their requirements.

1. GifPaper

Most of the people love to have GIF wallpaper on the home screen of their phone. They use the GIF of their favorite dialogue from their favorite movie or might go for the best shot of your favorite footballer if you are a guy. For people who do not know what a gif is, it is animated wallpaper that you can use as a screen saver as well. However, if you want to find out a source of the best GIFs, there can no places better than GifPaper to download the best GIFs from.

2. iDynamic

Where some people like colorful wallpapers, others like dark and detailed ones. Since the launch of iOS7, iDynamic has been the most favorite as well as the most preferred place for the people to go to and download the wallpapers. The application is paid, but it surely is worth the money you pay for it. Once you open the Cydia wallpaper app, it takes you to a world of beautifully crafted wallpaper.

3. IWallpapers

If you like to write your name in a fun and quirky way as wallpaper on the home screen of your phone, you need to download the Iwallpapers app. This Cydia wallpaper app has been one of the most favorite as well as most famous Cydia wallpaper app that people use to have wallpaper just according to their requirements. You can choose the color you want and apply it as home screen wallpaper or the lock screen wallpaper just according to your preference.

4. WallCycler

WallCycler turns out to be the winner when one talks about the applications that are best in providing wallpapers to the iphone users. The wallcycler wallpaper app is not available on app store hence; you will have to get it through Cydia app. One thing that sets it apart from the other applications is the fact that you get to see different wallpaper on the phone after locking it up.

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