Best Cydia Alternatives for iOS 2018

Some people are application freaks while some love to stick to the standard applications. The former group loves to explore different applications and so these people who are into application software are familiar to Cydia like applications. Cydia app permits the iOS users free access to latest applications which is not offered by the App Store. Also, the users get to customize their phone with new themes and tweaks. But the process of jailbreaking is not safe, and so there came a need for the launch of new apps that do not jailbreak your device. Cydia has been one of the best apps which allow you to download the free third party apps. But it doesn’t work without jailbreaking the iPhone devices. So let us have a look at some of the alternatives of Cydia available in the market.

Why are Cydia Alternatives Required?     

Cydia is an alternative Application Store for the iPhone and iPad users which allow them an easy and free access to the paid applications available in the market which are not available in the App Store. There are restrictions imposed by the Apple Company on the download and installation of third-party apps. We know that apps like Cydia give access to the third party apps but only when you jailbreak your device. And so one of the major disadvantages of using Cydia is that it provides access to the third party apps which have an unknown source code and so the data stored on our phone is not secured. Alternative apps introduced since jailbreaking leads to such unsafety.

The several other apps launched on the market give free access to the third party apps and doesn’t even jailbreak our device. Isn’t that great! So let’s go through some of these apps.


Zestia is the first alternative app of Cydia which is very easy to install, is safe and doesn’t risk your iPhone or iPad into any dangerous situations. It was earlier known as X-Cydia and does not work as full jailbreak. Also, it offers almost every perk provided by the apps that jailbreak the device. To install Zestia follow the given steps.

How to Install Zestia for iOS Device?  

Step 1: Open Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2: Now in the address bar type the URL-

Step 3: You will notice an “Install” option at the center of the page.

Step 4: Now click on the “Install Zestia” option in blue color.

Install Zestia for iOS Device

Step 5: Now again click on the Install option displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

Install Zestia for iOS

Step 6: The installation process will begin. Now if you are a new Zestia user the follow the given route to rust the profile.

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management

Zestia Installation

Step 7: Now at the center of the page, you will have to trust the profile.

Step 8: Locate the Zestia app on the home screen and click to open it.

Step 9: Zestia is ready to be used. You can check the available downloads by clicking on the cloud icon present at the end of the screen.       

Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer a pseudo-Cydia alternative is a jailbreak tool which gives access to the iOS users without actually jailbreaking your device. The Mojo Installer might not be at its full potential right now, but the developers of this application are trying to keep it updates. They have worked on its speed and design so that the users do no face problem while using it. The Mojo installer doesn’t jailbreak your device and give access to some amazing gaming apps and themes. Follow the given steps to get hold of your desired apps.

How to Install Mojo Installer for iOS Device?   

Step 1: Open Safari browser and in the URL box enter    

Step 2: Now click on the button which says “Install Directly from your iDevice.”

Install Mojo Installer for iOS Device

Step 3: Next tap on the “Build a Custom Profile” option.

Build a Custom Profile Mojo Installer

Step 4: You will be then prompted to the sub menu of the Profiles automatically. Click on the Install option the needed times. You might also be asked to enter the passcode.

Mojo Installation

Step 5: Click on “Install Mojo” after you redirected to the website. You will be redirected again to your device where you can see the option “Your Mojo Installation is ready!”

Install Mojo on iOS 9

Step 6: Next click on “Install” so as to approve the installation of the second profile. Enter your passcode if requested. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process, and soon you will be redirected back to the site.

Mojo Installation

Step 7: Close the browser and return to the home screen. Mojo is ready to be used.

Launch Mojo App

Launch the Mojo App and start exploring the different apps that it offers. Just like Cydia, you can now download a lot of apps from a single source without jailbreaking your device.


No problem which iOS version you are using from 7 to 10, you can try the iNoCydia app to get free access to the third party apps. iNoCydia allows you to download even the cracked apps on your device. iNoCydia is the best alternative to Cydia as it provides the same features as that offered by Cydia.

How to Install iNoCydia for iOS Device?

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and enter in the URL box.

Step 2: Click on the Install option as the page gets loaded.

Step 3: You will be able to experience the same interface as that of Cydia along with similar but more advanced motifs, emulators, and tweaks.


TweakBox has become a kind of community including active members that enjoy the installation of different apps without jailbreaking their device. It is an excellent looking app with the simple design allowing its users fast download of apps. The download and installation of apps don’t need connection with PC or laptop. The TweakBox app is completely free and runs on donations from its users and Ads.

How to Download TweakBox?

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and enter the given URL.

Step 2: Click on the option “Get the app, ” and the downloading process of TweakBox will start.

Download TweakBox

Step 3: Then complete the “Trust” the profile action by following the given route.

Settings> General> Profile and Device Management

Step 4: Click on the Trust option after clicking on TweakBox.

Step 5: Your Home screen will have the TweakBox app icon.

Step 6: Now look for the app that you want to install. Click on its icon and then click on Install.

Install TweakboxNote: Every app that you install from TweakBox will be requested to Trust the profile. Only then the apps will work appropriately. Hope you take full advantage of TweakBox and download free movies, music, and endless games.  

If you are looking for Best Cydia Alternatives, then you can try the apps mentioned above. All these apps let you download and install the apps from unknown sources without jailbreaking the device. Also, there is no need to connect your device to the PC or laptop making the process all the more easy and fast. So go through all these pseudo-Cydia apps and install any one of them according to your device and needs.

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